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Family law cases can be difficult for everyone involved. However, there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC can help you get there. We have been representing clients in family and civil law cases since 2005 and can help you with everything from divorce and custody decrees to name changes, wills / trusts, workers compensation, and more.

Before you give us a call to discuss your case, take a moment or two to review some of our representative  family law cases.
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Recent Civil / Family Law Cases

July 23, 2015. Benton County DADA000945
  • Attorney Wiezorek secured a dismissal for his client of the opposing party's Protective No Contact Order
December 23, 2014. Linn County DRCV078397
  • Attorney Wiezorek received a favorable ruling dismissing contempt charges against his client
August 1, 2014. Linn County DADA011804
  • At the time set for hearing on the opposing party's Protective No Contact Order, the matter was dismissed and the No Contact Order was lifted
July 22, 2014. Johnson County CDDM014691
  • Attorney Johnson assisted his client in obtaining a judgment against the opposing party for failure to refinance a number of loans. The court ordered a term of 10 days in jail for failure to comply with the court's previous order and awarded attorney fees in the amount of $3,300
July 21, 2014. Linn County CDDM039042
  • The court entered Findings of Facts, Conclusions of Law and Order supporting the requested relief in favor of attorney Jacobsen's client as it is related to a litany of issues relating to the distribution of assets / debts, and alimony, along with other financial issues litigated at the time of trial
May 20, 2014. Linn County CDDM039057
  • As a result of a two-day dissolution trial, the court entered orders providing primary physical care of the party’s children to attorney Jacobsen's client. The court also ordered child support, alimony, attorney fees and costs, and distribution of marital assets in favor of his client. Attorney Jacobsen, posttrial, secured payment of the attorney fees, property settlement, and delinquent child support through a lien on the opposing party’s real estate
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